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• Xcellant app. Went way beyond my expectations when compared to other apps that I've tried. Want to purchase the pro version! Anybody that complains about this app not doing as promised is ip cam and app illiterate and needs to get a geek friend to set it up for them. It was easier to set up this app for streaming to the inet than the instructions that came with the camera which I had to rewrite in my words to set up my other cams. 0.99 is more than reasonable. I would be willing to pay 5x's that for this app when u consider how much authors get for PC apps. If you have written this app for android I want it also for my Nook HD!
Thanks. Marty

• Hey Buddy,
LOVING the looping feature! Great idea. Any plans to run app in background, and alerts on motion during loop, I know it's kind of a battery drainer and the actual looping may set the motion detector off but just an idea. Great work so far can't wait for full version! :) Any chance "foscam clones"(the Maygion V3's, will be supported in future?).
Thank you, Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

• 10+++ good work I liked the best so far on free aplication?? keep up the good work just le me know any other Apps you might release.
Thanks again,
Robert from TX

• Hi, I have some enquries on ip camera through my iPhone which I saw ur video on YouTube which was the best great explainning step by step instructions. I'v bought the tenvis camera couple weeks ago couldn't get it to work spend money on buying another modem too in uk as couldn't do it with that one any how I like to connect to my 3G iPhone network an u said that's possible so please tell me what IP address do I use through my 3G as I had dumped the camera on the side of room for few weeks loosing hope that I bought rubbish through eBay but ur video gave me hope that I can do what I intended first. Also email me please can I record continuesly through my laptop on video or only can take clip shots.
Thank you very much for your help!

• Really like this app! Will the new version use the motion and send a snapshot via email when activated? This would be great if it did - probably worth more than .99 cents. Let me know, I will be buying!
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• Works fine on my db-cam B series and my other F series clones. Just a couple of things I've noticed. When switching between cameras, the name changes but the feed doesn't. Only hitting refresh gives the selected camera. The multiple view is a great idea, but only a portion is visible at the bottom, and you have to scroll up to see the rest. I think it would be easier to see all four at once, and be able to choose by tapping the thumbnail, with an easy way back to multi-view.
I hope this helps. Looking forward to more updates.